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Thread: How-To: De-Restricting Your Airbox

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    How-To: De-Restricting Your Airbox

    Tools needed:
    -Flat ended screwdriver

    Step 1:
    Take the lid off your airbox:
    How-To: De-Restricting Your Airbox-airbox_002.jpg

    On the inside of the lid is a straight pipe like so:
    How-To: De-Restricting Your Airbox-airbox_003.jpg

    Step 2:
    With the hammer gently tap the pipe from the inside of the lid until it pops off:
    How-To: De-Restricting Your Airbox-airbox_004.jpg

    How-To: De-Restricting Your Airbox-airbox_005.jpg

    The lid is now de-restricted.

    Step 3:
    Now look into the bottom of the airbox and you should see a pipe bent at a 90 degree angle. This is secured by a plastic rivet and a lug on the box.
    How-To: De-Restricting Your Airbox-pict0131.jpg

    Gently break the plastic rivet and then lever the lug with the screwdriver then remove the pipe.
    How-To: De-Restricting Your Airbox-airbox_007.jpg

    Step 4:
    Re-assemble airbox, refit to car and have fun.

    Your airbox will now be fully de-restricted. It has been said that even on a very highly tuned gsi this mod only produced at most an extra 3bhp but every little helps.
    Also some people say not to take the second pipe out (the one in the lower part of the airbox) as it's main duty is to direct filth and debris away from the air filter element.
    I personally have left it in purely because I don't fancy having to clean my filter element too often.
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