Welcome to the guide on how to change your rear lights.

This guide is for changing any lights to new lights that still maintain the standard circuit board. It may not be totally relevant to ***** lights and similar.

8mm socket
8mm spanner
socket extension bars
How To: Change rear lights.-pict0144.jpg

Step 1
Remove the plastic covers to gain access to the rear of the lights.
They easily unclip by pressing in the clips and pulling out.
How To: Change rear lights.-pict0138.jpg

Step 2
Unclip the circuitboard away from the lens. Again they easily unclip.
How To: Change rear lights.-pict0140.jpg

Step 3
Locate all 4 securing bolts for the lens and undo them using the apropraite socket or spanner.
This is how they look when the lens is off:
How To: Change rear lights.-pict0139.jpg

And this is what the view will be whilst the lens are on the car:
How To: Change rear lights.-pict0141.jpg

Step 4
Remove the old lens, put the new lens in place and reverse the above procedure to refit them.

A nice new looking rear end.
How To: Change rear lights.-pict0143.jpg

Please note for 5-door Corsas there are only 3 bolts. Please see post#5 for appropriate pics.