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Thread: How To: Replace worn out car key buttons (Same for other models likely).

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    How To: Replace worn out car key buttons (Same for other models likely).

    I thought it would be a right chew on and left it a while, my keys were taped up I assume because the buttons had worn into holes showing the curcuit board underneath.

    The base of my key was fine, but its essentially made up of 4 parts.

    The key itself which sorroundeds the chip case
    The chip case upper (where buttons are)
    The chip case lower (which holds the chip)
    The Chip itself.

    For 2-3 on ebay you can buy a new upper/lower case and transfer your key and chip to it so its like new, if you need a new key end you can pick them up off ebay and get them cut and it will work so long as the chip works and you transfer that over.

    Anyway, this post is getting long for such a simple thing, but I cant be the only one who didnt know this!

    Small Flathead screwdriver
    Two Hands

    Old Key and old keyring from last car owner;

    Using flathead pry off the key blade and its connected sorround;

    More clips, just pop these;

    You can unclip your chip by gentle prying it out with the driver at corner or edge;

    Key v2.0

    Vauxhall Opel Corsa Agila Meriva Combo 2 Button Remote Key Fob Case 3.16 delivered

    And if you liked the keyring,

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