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Thread: How-To: Wire In A Vectra B Interior Map Light

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    How-To: Wire In A Vectra B Interior Map Light


    • Wire strippers
    • Phillips screwdriver


    • 1x Vectra B smoked interior light
    • 30cm of speaker cable
    • 1x Festoon bulb (same as corsa one)
    • 2x 501 bulbs
    • 1x Small screw

    STEP 1

    Get yourself a Vectra B smoked interior map light

    STEP 2

    Get two small lengths of cable (15cm will be long enough) and using the wire strippers, strip both ends.

    STEP 3

    Attach the existing grey/negative wire to the second from left connector on the Vectra light, and the existing red/live wire to the second from right connector on the Vectra light. These will power the festoon bulb just like before in your Corsa.

    STEP 4

    Bridge one length of cable from the red/live wire and plug the other end into the far right connector on the Vectra light.

    STEP 5

    Attach the other bit of cable to the far left connector on the Vectra light. The other end needs grounding and so the best way to do this is to screw it to the car's body. Where the light clips back in, there should be a hole already drilled in the roof, you can screw it in here. Just be careful not to screw right through


    The interior light should work just as it did before in your Corsa but both of the side map lights will work completely indepedently even when the ignition isn't even turned on


    Not a lot! 1 for the light and a few pennies for a bit of cable


    If you are using LEDs like I have, remember they are polarised so they will have to be put in the right way round for them to work
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