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Thread: How-To: Installing Central Locking

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    How-To: Installing Central Locking

    -Central locking kit
    -Drill (10mm)
    -Wire cutters and joiners

    Ok first of all if you open your door and disconnect the rubber tube thing you will see the plug that connects the speakers. Pull the rubber back and check if you have lots of wires connecting to it (i.e more than 2) If so your car is already practically wired for central locking and you can use these wires instead of the wires provided with the kit. Here is a pin out of mine and the wires I could have used:

    How-To: Installing Central Locking-plugsl7.jpg

    How-To: Installing Central Locking-pluglayoutjq5.jpg

    As you can see there are seven spare wires (The two circled green ones are your speaker wires) and you only need five so these could easily be used, however after unplugging the other connector, (the one in the door), I found that that was not fully wired and so I couldnt use it. You can ofcourse use it if you want to go and buy the metal pins and wire it in yourself however I couldnt be bothered so this is how i did it:

    Take off the door trim
    Just unscrew it all and take the handle casing off and black trim, to take the window winder off you need to get behind it and there is a metal clip you need to hook and pull off, then the handle will come off easily.

    Drill hole
    There is a nice unused hole that will soon be used to hold the solenoid, however first we need to drill a second hole.
    How-To: Installing Central Locking-drillholeno2.jpg

    Attach to lock

    First put the metal bar into the solenoid, then screw it in and attach the bar to your lock
    How-To: Installing Central Locking-24052008074ib2.jpg

    Mount box
    I mounted mine under the steering wheel, the wiring loom holds it in tight and its a nice fit!
    How-To: Installing Central Locking-25052008082cg1.jpg

    Feeding wires through rubber tube
    Ok you need to pull out the rubber tube thing from the door, you'll see that the end where the wires go into it is very tight so i cut this bit off with a stanley knife
    How-To: Installing Central Locking-pipedk1.jpg

    There is also a plastic cover on the inside, you'll need to pull this out and trim it a bit aswell
    How-To: Installing Central Locking-25052008077bu3.jpg

    You can now feed the wires through and will end up with something like this:
    How-To: Installing Central Locking-25052008078le0.jpg

    Getting wires through connector
    Right the only way to get the wires through the connector without actually wiring them up to metal pins is to drill a hole straight through it! You will need a 10mm hole to get all five wires through. You need to drill through the bottom left area to avoid the two speaker pins:
    How-To: Installing Central Locking-drillhole2ju4.jpg

    Pull the wires through and you will have something like this:
    How-To: Installing Central Locking-25052008081hd5.jpg

    You will need to repeat this procedure on the connector in the door, to get this connector out you need to press all three points together and pull. It also helps to disconnect the speakers so you can pull it right out.

    Connecting to solenoid
    Now this easy bit, just connect the wires to the solenoid and its done. I also added some cable ties to keep the wires out the way of the window mechanism:
    How-To: Installing Central Locking-25052008083qk6.jpg

    Connecting power
    I wired my box into the fuse box. There is a gap already there for central locking, i just wired my box to it, put the fuse in and there we go, 12 volts! For a ground point i used the screw in the cover under the fusebox which screws into the body of the car.

    Now for the other door
    This is a bit annoying actually, you need to take the glovebox out,(5 screws don't forget the one at the top in the middle like i did) After that you need to feed the remaining wires round the back and over to the passenger side. The wires can now be placed to go above the glovebox like so:
    How-To: Installing Central Locking-25052008085xk3.jpg

    Other than this its just a case of repeating what you did with the other door

    Thats it!
    Finished, took me a good few hours to be honest but the end result is a nice clean finish with no wires showing
    How-To: Installing Central Locking-25052008086yf6.jpg
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