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Thread: How-To: Installing A Boot Light

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    How-To: Installing A Boot Light

    - Phillips screwdriver
    - Flathead screwdriver
    - Torx screw drivers or bits
    - Small ratchet wrench
    - Needle-nose pliers
    - Stanley knife

    - Boot light
    - Boot light switch

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-1.jpg

    First take out the parcel shelf to give you more room. Then prise out the cover to the light with a flat head screwdriver and then take out the light cluster panel and the other panel nearest to the back of the seats that covers the top of the suspension arm. Then fold the rear seats down.

    Then using a torx screwdriver or a Phillips head screwdriver (I have a mix of both type of screws) undo the 6 screws that hold the panel in place. Note, not all the screws may be there, I only had 3 securing my panel on.

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-2.jpg

    Once you have done this, undo the arm that holds the seat on with a torx screwdriver or a torx bit and a small ratchet wrench (these are quite stiff which is why I used a ratchet wrench). Once you have undone these two screws simply slide the piece out of the front.

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-3.jpg

    Then start pulling the panel from the back so it starts to come away from the body work then start pulling from the front at the top of the panel popping the trim plugs out. It may sound like something is snapping but it is just the plugs coming out.

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-4.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-5.jpg

    Once you have the plugs out and the panel is free to move, reach behind the panel and disconnect the speak cable (if you have one) before pushing the panel right back out of the way. Then carefully using a Stanley knife cut open the tape to find the two connectors, one with 2 red wires going to it (positive) and one with a single brown and white wire going to it (negative). But it free up to the cable tie that holds the loom to the body work so you have enough of the wire to work with so itís not so fiddly.

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-6.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-7.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-8.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-9.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-10.jpg

    Then bring the panel back around and feed the wires through the hole for the boot light. Once you have done this screw the panel back in place and put the trim plugs back in by simply pushing on them (make sure the edge of the panel goes back behind the rubber seal that goes around the boot). Put the seat locator back in place and make sure to do up tightly. You can then replace all the panels and bring the seats back.

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-11.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-12.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-13.jpg

    Then, making sure you identify which pin on the light is positive and which is negative connect the connectors to their corresponding pins and push the whole thing into the panel connectors first. That is the light part of it done.

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-14.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-15.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-16.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-17.jpg

    Now for the boot switch, undo the two parcel shelf lugs on the boot lid itís self and take them off. Now for the annoying part. Prise out and pull out the trim plugs using needle nose pliers or by just pulling slowly on the panel.

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-18.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-19.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-20.jpg

    Once this is off you can look in the loom to find the cable which is just a brown and white cable with a black connector on it on the passenger side of the car. Then push the connector through the hole in the boot lid for the switch and connect the switch to it. Then screw the switch in place. After this replace the boot trim by pushing the plugs back in place, this bit is a pain in the arse because they don't tend to want to go in.

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-21.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-22.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-23.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-24.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-25.jpg

    - Now you are done and you should have a fully functioning boot light

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-26.jpg

    How-To: Installing A Boot Light-27.jpg
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