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    Cars For Sale Template

    Please use this guide when selling vehicles in the classified section

    This set of guidelines have been put in place to make the adverts easier to read and moderate. Please read the following carefully to prevent your thread being deleted. All details are compulsory when starting the thread.

    Must Haves:

    Car Make, Model & Engine size:

    Registration Year:




    Contact Details:

    Failure to provide any of the above information will result in the thread being deleted without prior notice.

    An example:

    Car Make, Model & Engine size: Vauxhall Corsa 1.6 GSi 16v

    Registration Year: 1995

    Price: 1500

    Milage: 83,000

    Contact details: 07000000000 or e-mail [email protected]


    Here I have for sale my beautiful Corsa GSi in Caribic Blue. The car has 83,000 miles on the clock and is in near-mint condition. Service history is extensive as the previous owner (my step-brother) was a Vauxhall mechanic for many years and still carries out work on it when needs-be.

    The bodywork is sound, but has a few minor bad points: the bonnet (near the grille) is very rusty and the laquer is coming away on the front bumper. However, these are easilly fixed for a small sum.

    The engine is in perfect working order, as are the electrics and other workings. All fixtures and fittings are sound for a vehicle of this age.

    Modification wise, the stereo is from a 2001 Vauxhall Zafira, new angel headlights have recently been fitted, the bootlock surround has been colour-coded, new Richbrook gear gaitor & gear knob fitted and there are several other bits that aren't yet fitted on.

    For an extra 500, I will throw in 4 x Cesaro wheels with tyres, new FK coilovers, colour-coded door handles, new Richbrook handbrake gaitor & lever, Caribic Blue spray paint & primer, clear rear-lights & bulbs, 2 x GSi badges, an old-style Vauxhall badge and much, much more.

    Photos would be uploaded here

    Price is non-negotiable. First to see will buy.

    Thanks for looking
    Thank you.
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