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Thread: Recommend a garage

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    Recommend a garage

    I know recommending a workshop is like recommending a restaurant -not something to do lightly - but from time to time you come across somewhere really good that deserves a mention.

    So in the spirit of sharing a good thing - anyone in the Chester area needing a good garage try The Foregate Garage in Foregate Street, CH1 1HE. It's a bit tricky to find as it's behind Argos. You go towards the Bars roundabout and just past Argos there are some black wrought iron gates on the left, leading into some flats. You go through the gates and then turn left again down a little alley that runs down to the garage.

    They are a brilliant bunch of guys and really look after their customers well. They don't make unnecessary work, if they say it needs doing then it needs doing. Which is why most of the time their customers are people who go back year after year.
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    Furlongs in Woolwich is a good place for anyone in South East London, right near the Woolwich Ferry, SE18. The guy has owned it for 50 years now and commutes from Cornwall 3 times a week to work there. Honest guy, never charged me to look at my car and the guy he works with is alright too.

    Done a lot of jobs to my Corsa, my girlfriends KA, her Corsa and around 7-8 of her dads cars. Never does unnecessary work, tells you if there's anything else to do and the urgency of it as well.

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    I've started using HullJapCarServices to get the Evo serviced and maintained. It's run by two ex Mitsubishi technicians with plenty of experience between them, and compared to main dealerships and Evo specialists I find they're far cheaper and give really good service.
    Prior to that I used to use NR Autosport - Performance Mitsubishi Specialists in Lincoln. The only reason I stopped taking my car there was because it was nearly a 100 mile round trip, along with petrol costs, and they charge a little bit more than the garage above. That being said, I won't hesitate to take the Evo back there once I need some upgrade work done as their technical knowledge is fantastic.
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